Plymouth... the name is gone, but the fun lives on.

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My 1974 Plymouth Scamp permanent convertible...
This car was purchased in May of 1998 as just a fun car to fix up gradually and run around town in.  Like many cars in this area, it has been converted into a convertible.  It stays in the garage and hibernates during the winter.

Original color with Rallye wheels:


Pictures taken October 7th, 2000 - Paint color Vitamin C orange:





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Our chopped 1974 Scamp /6

Our 1971 Scamp V8


1974 Plymouth Scamp

225 CI Slant 6

3-Speed Automatic

Power Steering

AM Radio

Standard drum brakes

14" x 5.5 Rallye Wheels

Cooper Cobra 205SR70/14
Raised letter tires




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