Plymouth... the name is gone, but the fun lives on.

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Our Old 1971 Plymouth Scamp...
Our second Scamp was purchased in September of 1999 after my wife spotted it down the street from about 300 yards away.  What an eye!  Anyway, this is a 1971 Plymouth Scamp in Y8 Gold, cream interior and a while vinyl top.  The car was purchased for $600 and made the 60 mile trip home on its own power.

Our goal with this car was to make a sweet street cruiser that is mechanically sound, safe and reliable.  The pictures are arranged in phases, starting with the purchase and moving through to its current condition.  Enjoy the details by clicking on each photo.  If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail the new owner.

This car was sold on 02.19.02....  Here are the pictures anyway.

Phase I Pictures - Just after getting her home...
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Phase II Pictures - Cleanup, tires, striping...
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Phase III Pictures - Wheels, tires, interior, etc
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Phase IV Pictures - At the body and paint shop
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Phase V Pictures - Ready to Show
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Our chopped 1974 Scamp /6

Our 1971 Scamp V8

1971 Plymouth Scamp

318 CI V8

3-Speed Automatic

Power Steering

Holley 600CFM on St. Dominator

Standard drum brakes

14" x 5.5" Rallye Wheels

Front Tires:
Cooper Cobra 215SR60/14

Rear Tires
Cooper Cobra 225SR60/14

Dual Exhaust

Electronic Ignition Conversion

Custom Interior (black/gold)

Pioneer Premier AM/FM CD

 Two Pioneer Premier 6.5" speakers

Two 300 Watt 6x9 concealed in tray

One Pioneer 10" Sub

Am Pro 600 Watt 4-ch Amp

Grant Steering Wheel

Chrome Engine Dressing
Valve covers and water neck

Body straightened

PPG Y8 Gold Metallic Paint

Front and rear gas shocks

1400 deg. exhaust manifold paint


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