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Finding Parts for Your Scamp...
Part of the fun (and frustration) in restoring a car is hunting down parts.  For Scamp owners, the process of locating parts is easier then if you owned a Charger or a Road Runner.  Scamp's are one member of a large family of Dodge and Plymouth vehicles that shared many parts.  In many cases, you can widen your vehicle from one model to around seven.  Cars you can include are the...
  • Plymouth Scamp and Scamp Brougham
  • Plymouth Valiant 4-door and Valiant Brougham
  • Plymouth Duster
  • Dodge Dart Swinger
  • Dodge Dart 4-door
  • Dodge Dart Sport (similar to a Duster)
  • Dodge Demon (also similar to a Duster

Depending on what part(s) you are looking for, you can look for any of these cars.  The Duster, Demon and Dart Sport have a different design, limiting the number of parts that will fit a Scamp.  Most engine parts and such will be the same along with many interior parts.  Don't assume thing will fit, even parts from different year Scamps are different.  Take a GOOD LONG look at things before you shell out money for parts.

Places to look for parts...

Local Places:

Wrecking Yards:  Call around to wrecking yards in your area.  Many times you will stumble onto a place that has a few old cars laying around.  Some wrecking yards specialize in older cars.

Local Car Clubs:  Also, check around your area for a local Mopar club and get involved.  Not only a great way to meet people and create new friends, but also a great source for parts and such.


eBay:  A lot of car parts are sold on eBay.  The best thing to do is use the search feature on the web site to locate parts.  When I shopped for Rallye Wheels, I searched on the word "rallye", "ralley" and "rally".  Many times this word was not spelled correctly.

On the Web: - This web site allows members and non-members to list cars and parts they have for sale.  There are a lot of parts here, so read it all carefully.

WildCat AutoWrecking:  Located in Sandy, Oregon, this ALL MOPAR wrecking yard is stuffed full of Darts, Valliant's and Scamps.  Last time I was there, they had over 50 of this type vehicle in the yard.

Reproduction and OEM Parts:

Year One - 
With hundred of pages in their Mopar catalog alone, Year One is a favorite source of quality parts from engine pieces to stickers and emblems. If you don't already have a Year One catalog, order one ASAP, it's a must have.

The Paddock - 
The paddock has a smaller Mopar specific catalog then Year One, but it is FREE and much of it is in color.  Catalogs can be ordered using their web site.

Harden's Muscle Car World
PO Box 306
Lexington, Missouri 64067
For Information: 1-660-259-4886 or 4887
Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-633-4690
24-Hour Fax Line: 1-660-259-2895
(Call and get a flyer sent to you)


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