Plymouth...the name is gone, but the fun lives on!

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Welcome to the original Unofficial Plymouth Scamp Web Site...

This web site, now in it's 5th version has always been singled purposed in task.... to help educate about and popularize the 1971 to 1976 Plymouth Scamp.

If you're new to the Scamp, take a snoop around and learn more about them.  If you're looking for a Mopar but don't have the coin for a 'Cuda, GTX, Road Runner, Charger or Challenger, consider the Plymouth Scamp.

This site does not recognize the front-drive Plymouth Scamp made in the early 80's.

Enjoy your visit...

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Scamp Value Guide
((new on 8/9/02)

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Top 100 Mopar Sites

Project #1: 1974 Scamp /6
Sold on 08.20.02

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Project #2: 1971 Scamp V8
Sold on 02.19.02
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Project #3: 1975 Valiant Brougham V8
Acquired 7/3/02
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